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With so few good, high quality adult gaming destinations around, it really does pay dividends to check out places that you may not have heard of before. Today, I want to talk to you about Adult Games Newgrounds: our very own community devoted to giving you access to the very best in porn gaming entertainment. It hasn't been easy putting this collection of amazing games together, but we genuinely believe that we have now arrived at the precipice of the industry. Make no mistake about it, Adult Games Newgrounds is fully committed to providing a world-class experience for those that are tired of not getting good porn gaming. We first launched in August 2016, and after many years of developing games, now sit on a juicy collection that we cannot wait to show you. Stop wasting your time with second-rate hubs the promise a heap and deliver absolutely nothing. Our biggest piece of advice to use this: sign up to our community this very instant, get the oil ready, shut your door and prepare to experience the next level of porn gaming fun. If you would like to know more about the community, simply continue reading and I'll give you a good overview of what you can expect to find inside. Otherwise, sign up right now and get on in!

Free access forever

Are you tired of having to pay money in order to access porn games? We hear you, which is exactly why Adult Games Newgrounds doesn't charge a penny in order for you to get on inside. This deal applies to every single person around the world, regardless of what device you're on or what country you live in. In recent times, even mainstream companies have shown that they cannot deliver good games – we think that by giving away our product, we can ensure a healthy gaming ecosystem that will constantly evolve to keep up with your expectations. We are following in the footsteps of some great titles such as League of Legends and Path of Exile: they demonstrate that you do not need to charge money in order to make a game that is good and profitable. The only difference tween us and them is that instead of offering one game, we have many! Note that free access here will always be available: we are free to play website and we plan to keep it that way. The only time you'll ever need to pay for anything is if you decide to do so. Donations are welcome, but we mainly plan to fund ourselves through small, nonintrusive advertising.

Fantastic array of titles

One of the problems we found with other websites such as ours is that they often don't have a high number of games to be played. This can result in severe issues if you are not enjoying the small collection of titles they have. Adult Games Newgrounds plans to counter this by having a wide array of releases across a multitude of niches. We have role-playing games, dating simulators, arcade combat titles and many many more fantastic game concepts that you are going to love. Additionally, we have mixed and matched artwork so that each game has a unique feel and style to it. Games can be finished in one hour, or some may take around 10: it's up to you to decide what you want to play. Currently, the number of fully released games we have sits at 25, although we also have five games in active development that should be released in the next few months. Older games still receive patches for bugs as well as content updates from time to time: we don't let our games rot!

Access on all devices

Although our games are primarily designed with desktops in mind, because we allow people to access all of our titles through browsers, any device that can run a semi-modern version of Chrome, Safari, Firefox or Opera ought to have no issues whatsoever playing a fantastic collection of sex games. This means that individuals with tablets as well as mobile phones will find quick and convenient access to our full suite of extraordinary games: we also synchronize save states so that you can seamlessly transition between them without any issues whatsoever. Achievements are also synchronized on your behalf so that you can keep track of all of your progress no matter what device you are using. Just ensure that you always login using the same username and password: if you do not do this, you will not be able to synchronize your saves or progress. In addition to offering access via almost all devices, we should also note that you will never need to download anything from us directly. There are already risks associated with downloading things online: we do not wish to complicate this by having you grab an adult-related product

More fun things to come

The future of Adult Games Newgrounds is looking pretty damn incredible, and that's only considering the things that I am allowed to talk to you about! First up, in the next six months, we plan to add a completely free, fully stocked tube destination. This means that you will be able to log into Adult Games Newgrounds and watch thousands of videos from the best studios in the business. We're working alongside the likes of Reality Kings, Brazzers, Bang Bros and so on – suffice to say that if you prefer your porn to be professional, we have you covered! We also set up a Discord server this week that will be available to the public within the next couple of weeks: this is in addition to our forums which are already online.

So, based on everything that you have read so far – what do you think? If you like the sound of what's on offer and you want to grab yourself a free account right now, please go ahead and do exactly that. If you have read this far and it doesn't sound like your cup of tea, well why the bloody hell did you keep reading? Take care, happy fapping and I'll see you on the other side!

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